Saturday, June 7, 2008


I wanted to post a picture here of F on the front steps of the new house but in all this mess I can't find my camera. I can't find a lot of things in the boxes and boxes we have left to open, and in the general clutter that is the just-moved house. It took us ages to find the house phone but now we've got that in place. I have so much I can say here that I don't know exactly what to cover.....

The movers came Friday morning w/ their boxes and fresh can-do attitude (which wilted a bit later in the day), and it was a kind of hurricane watching them get everything we own packed up and onto a truck by 6pm. As is always the case, the move made clear that we have WAY too much stuff things crap. I don't know what it all is. I don't know. Do we need this stuff? It seems to accumulate of its own accord, without my knowledge or will. And now what we have is boxes full of crap, boxes stacked around the house, plus a thin layer of debris made up of pens and toy parts and extension cords and wire hangers and papers that need to be filed or maybe just tossed.

The morning we flew out I went to the house to finish cleaning up and before I left I walked through each room touching the walls and crying deep jagged sobs. But here I am better most of the time. Here I am trying to focus on the positive things, as Mitch tells me to do. There are lots of fun things about the house. We have a laundry chute! Sidewalks! A driveway! A driveway that ends in an actual garage! More than one bathroom! Oh the fun.

More to come. Gotta go feed the babe.


Paige said...

Oh Cali, that made me cry. I can just imagine myself doing the same thing come our moving day. Moving sucks. Thanks for the phone advice re a box of towels etc. Maybe I'll include the house phone in that box.

Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts/good karma over the miles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cali,
Congrats on the move! Movers make it SO much easier and eventually you will unpack and find the house phone, get settled and get into a routine with the kiddos! It takes time but it will work itself out! I already feel like I have lived in Austin for a long time and really we have been here less than a year. The fabric of your lives will come together again and memories will be made in the new house that will be just as cherished as those that were made in Durham!
Drop us your address sometime so we can keep in touch with you all!
Much love Marianne