Sunday, August 9, 2009


Mitch has been gone--did I parade this before? Tonight is my 3rd full day and night on my own with the kids. Finally they're in bed omigod and now time is all mine for a couple of hours. Mitch gets home at midnight so by morning we will back to tolerable amounts of exhaustion and exasperation.

How do single parents do this? I've asked this question before, if I remember, while trying to catch 2-year-old puke in a bowl and simultaniously strip the bed as Mitch dealt with the screeching baby. Maybe they've all lost their minds. A whole segment of the population walking around without any marbles.

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Lori said...

My recipe for sane (at least mostly sane) solo parenting = working full time at a flexible job + getting regular respite (esp overnights) where I have free time to myself. Both of those things are essential to my emotional survival. It's still exhausting. There's a reason that societies organize childrearing in pairs (or even larger networks). But it's doable. It's about connecting and caring--and sometimes only covering the basics and barely getting by. But even then, especially then, it's about not using my energy on guilt. I need it for other things. :)