Wednesday, January 27, 2010

some days are diamonds

I got a B+ today. I was rockin with a strong A and then I bombed one of the test sections which brought down my average. Trying to look at the whole. And trying to remember how extremely well I responded to all the challenges during the first part of the day. Sometimes I am an amazing mother.

After the unfortunate episode (which is not very interesting and which I'm not going to go into but does involve a tiny bit of screaming on my part) Frances asked me where her feelings were so she could put her boo boo buddy on them. She held it on her belly and said it made her feel better. Later when Clark hit her she got it out again. Makes me smile.

Speaking of which, Clark is in a big hitting phase--holy cow. He hits or pushes her all the time. He doesn't hit me, fortunately, but I spend a lot of my day hearing, "CLARK HIT ME AGAIN!" The growling still works, by the way.

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