Thursday, May 27, 2010

mom has a headache

I hate to bitch about my headaches on the blog, but fuck. I am so so so so so so SO tired of these migraines, going on about 10 days now, started about the time I got back from Florida. (Yes, went to Florida. No children. Was all right, and another story.) I do okay for the first 5 days or so, and then I start to lose my mind. They let up for about a day and a half and I thought I was through this cycle. (Ha! You fool.) Generally the headaches don't go on and on like this, just come now and then, but once in a while I get stuck in a cycle. The certain way to break it is with a prednisone taper (6 days or so, a massive dose at first and then less and less) and I suppose now is the time for me to call the neurologist and get a prescription...

A funny thing--it's obviously harder for me to parent with the headaches (dear god it would be nice to just lie on the floor with a dishcloth over my eyes), but I don't know that I'm a worse parent. The decibel level is difficult, of course, but that's what earplugs are for. My patience for whining is very short, but I'm also strangely relaxed. Being tense makes my head hurt more, and I have no energy, so I simply don't get tense; I let many things just float by me. I don't holler or argue, though it's true that I capitulate much more easily about tv.

On another front, I finally got an inhaler. I've never thought I had asthma, but I started taking this completely masochistic cardio class at the gym and I absolutely could not breathe. Turns out (after an expensive better-safe-than-sorry visit to the emergency room last month) I have exercise induced asthma. I just got the inhaler (finally!) this week and oh my gracious does it make a huge difference. I wonder if I've always had this condition and I just thought that was what exercise was like--that you got your heart rate up until you couldn't breathe well, then backed off, then brought it up again. Today I took the class for the first time with the inhaler and it was a completely different experience. It may change my life.

Now: important details of our life in pictures....

Clark is obsessed with bellies. Yours, mine, his own.

 Princess Frances and her friend Sophia

The new teepee in the back yard. Still needs cover.

Always car fun in the driveway

Our life in illustration

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