Sunday, August 1, 2010


I feel like the summer is going by too fast. I know that's crazy anxiety talking, but anxiety about what? Frances is going to camp this week--9-12 every morning--and I'm all flubbered about that too. What's my problem? It's like I fear summer will be ripped away, my time with them gone, my children suddenly grown and I missed it. Is it just all those people (ALL. THOSE. PEOPLE.) who KEEP telling me that it goes faster than you realize...?

I KNOW THAT. Life goes faster than you realize (unless you're a prisoner of war, then it moves much too slowly).

But the truth is that even after her week in camp, and then a week with my mom visiting, there will still be almost 4 weeks of summer. (School here doesn't start until nearly mid September. Don't know why.) It's like I somehow think this is the only summer I'll get to have with them... and I suppose that's true to some degree; this is the only summer I'll have where F is 3 1/2 and C is 2. But--comeon!--that's not such a fabulous thing. Summers to come will be better, more fun, filled with more activity and less screaming. (Oh I can't wait to move past the screeching stage. It's hard on everyone for a household member to be 2.)

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andrea said...

I have those same summer anxieties. I feel like I use too much energy on thinking about that fact and not enough on the now.
My boys have given me a run for my money (ha, i wish I got paid sometimes, it might make it easier.) this summer. They are very physical and outspoken and often rude, with each other and me. Argh. Well we have had loads of fun too. I just wish I was not the referee all the time. I want to be the fun relaxed parent who uses a kind voice and takes things in stride.

Oh well, they picked me. ;o)

We are off to camp next week too. Max and Rohan. A test for Mom to get used to the idea that they will not be here soon.
Then the week after I begin taking care of a new born two days a week. Ah life. full of teaching opportunities and personal, emotional challenges.

Well, I just wrote a book. sorry.
(happy days to you)