Friday, March 18, 2011

the cake

Clark was disturbed by the Diego on the cake. He thought the cake was nifty, but those toys, his toys, did not belong on the cake. He saw it before the party and didn't like it then, and I thought about going out and getting another Diego somewhere, but then I didn't. I wondered if maybe he'd be more okay with it when the cake arrived at the party itself, all lit and exciting. But no. As we were singing happy birthday he was raising his voice to be heard, to say "Mommy? Dat my toy!" "Okay, honey," I said, and took the Diego and Baby Jaguar off and put them by his plate. Then he was mad at me because of the toys, and he hmphed and didn't want to blow out the candles. Frances and I blew them out. He's a hoot.

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leslie v. said...

This is amazing!! Brilliant that you used toys on hand for decoration. I hope you put Diego and the jaguar on the cake every year!