Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pirate love

Recently Clark and I went to visit the school where he'll be going next year. On the way he wanted to know if they had pirate hats and swords. He thought maybe he should bring his own. 

At the school is a great big castle room - a big wooden structure to climb on, with turrets and flags and thick matts up pushed up beside for jumping down onto. After a good bit of very physical climbing and playing on the castle, we all sat in a circle and sang w/ Teacher Tom while he played the guitar. He's amazing. He's one of those people who has a gift of speaking the Language of Children.

Anyway, after some singing and talking and instrument playing, some folks had questions, had things they wanted to say. Tom told anyone who wanted to say something to raise their hands and Clark put his up right away. I thought maybe he misunderstood, but then when Tom called on him he asked - without the first whiff of timidity - if Tom had pirate hats and pirate swords, which he did not. It was so cute.

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M. Bloom said...

Pirate-love is still in full swing at my house, too. Even at 8 years old, my boy loves pirate tales, fueled by various versions of Peter Pan, etc... We even have two (2!) large playmobil pirate ship toys, and, unbeknownst to my older son, a third (yes, a third) playmobil pirate ship hidden in the garage (it was a hand-me-down from our neighbor... and I figure I'll save it for when my wee boy is old enough to enjoy it...)