Friday, September 25, 2009

indian summer

It's been 80 degrees here the past few days. A nice little kick before the cold sets in. The trees are already turning, a sharp bright orange against the blue blue sky.

Our favorite activity is popsicles. Really. After naps (sometimes before depending on how things are deteriorating, but generally after) I give them each a popsicle and we go outside. They sit in their little chairs or cram together in the little tikes car or we draw with sidewalk chalk while they eat their popsicles. I can even leave them out there by themselves a bit if I need to organize things for dinner. The rule is that they can't go down the driveway past the dogwood. Frances is very good about hollering to me if Clark tries to test this rule. She likes being a big sister.

Anyway, popsicle time takes up something like 45 minutes and makes everyone happy. They can be after-nap-crabby crabby crabby but when I say the word popsicles, everything improves. We go out into the sunshine, get some fresh air and vitamin D, eat a festive popsicle. I mean, really. What can be more festive than a popsicle? I bought these little molds at the grocery at the beginning of the summer and just fill them with fruit juice-- I don't ever feel bad about giving them a popsicle because no cane sugar (and certainly no hfcs!). Since we always water down the juice in the kids' cups, full strength juice is something yummy.

What will we do when it's cold and popsicles are not an option? I've loved this little ritual of ours.

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David E. Felton said...

Hey Cali, nice to see you're still blogging, nice to be able to catch up with you a little this way. I got a facebook thing about the RJR 20 year reunion and I went to the website and I went through the list and then I got here. You're not actually coming down for the reunion are you? I think you went to the 10 year, and you talked to me about it right before and I was too chicken. I'm probably still too chicken, but if you're coming down I might seriously consider attending... regardless, I hope you and yours are all well and I'll try to visit and comment every once in a while here in cyberspace. take care, all my best