Thursday, September 3, 2009


Frances: Why is Milo barking?

me: He's barking at those other dogs.

Frances: Why is he barking at those other dogs?

me: Because he wants to play with them.

Frances: Why does he want to play with them?

me: Because he likes playing with other dogs.

Frances: Why does he like playing with other dogs?

me: I'm going to stop answering questions now, Frances.

Frances: Why you going to stop answering questions?


Paige said...

We are going through the EXACT same thing! I always thought it was sort of cute when other parents used to tell me about it, but now I know that it's actually just extremely annoying. Ozzy just says "Why?" though. And then after I explain, he says "Oh. Why?". Repeat ad nauseum.

PS Ozzy starts preschool next Friday. I am SO excited!!

WendyKrug said...

Yep. Daily occurrence. I give Ayvin the same response you gave her!