Saturday, April 17, 2010

crazy little people

Oy. We went to Wegmans for dinner, because Wegmans is no ordinary grocery. And as we were making our way through the bakery section to the hot food bar, Frances asked for a cookie. I said, "After dinner we can have cookies, but we need to eat first," and she stamped her foot and hollered, "NO! Then I won't live with you anymore." How not to laugh at that? I did laugh, couldn't help it, while thinking that perhaps I should be holding it in.

At that very same moment Clark was quiet, but that's unusual for him these days. I feel like all he does is scream at the absolute top of his lungs, "NO! NONONONO! NO!" Good grief. I can't wait until we're past this. I was going to put him down early for his nap yesterday (he was asking for his blankie at 10am) but Frances's ride home from school fell through so I kept him up until 1 when I went to get her. I needed to get some things from the bulk food bins in the grocery so we went over there to pass time. He refused to ride in the cart (NO! NO NO NO! AAAGGGHH! NO!) so I let him walk. Then we were in the bulk food section (bins of chocolate raisins, sesame sticks, licorice,  gum drops....) and he was a complete maniac. Over-tired 2-year-old loose in the bulk foods. Clearly I didn't think it through. People stared. Some laughed or sympathized, one let me know that his hands were in the M&Ms again. It was horrible.

One of the things he screams the loudest about is not holding hands in parking lots. Screams. I find myself grabbing whatever part of his jacket I can get my hands on and pulling him back, which makes him furious. Today at the library he and Mitch were standing on the sidewalk and Mitch was attempting to explain to him why holding hands was important. Frances and I had trailed behind inside, and as we came out Clark was shrieking a long high pitch, and a woman walking by--who didn't realize Frances and I were with them--raised her eyebrows at me like, "Can you believe this guy? He must be a terrible parent to let his kid behave this way." Yes, that's us.

He's still pretty cute, even when he's hollering.


andrea said...

I remember leaving the grocery store once because of my crazy little people.
As it turned out they made me crazy that day too. I think I might have been screaming louder then them when we were driving home.
Great role-modeling huh.



Amy said...

BOOOOO to the woman that was critical of Mitch!! Her comment was total crap and completely untrue. I've had people say stuff like that to me in the past and too late (i.e. a few hours later) I come up with comebacks that I wish I had said. Things like "If you think you can do a better job, then go for it" or "Do you think I'm enjoying this?". For you, I would have wanted to say something like "Actually, he's a fantastic parent and I couldn't be more proud of my husband and my son".

Cali said...

Amy--she didn't actually say it, just looked those words at me with her eyes. I thought her expression was pretty funny, actually. I don't know WHAT I'd have said if she'd actually said it! I was thinking something along the lines of what you mentioned, though, and almost said, "He's a great dad," and smiled at her. Maybe she never had kids. Or maybe she was a drill sergeant with them. Or maybe it was so long ago she just doesn't remember. People are funny.

Paige said...

People don't understand the power a screecher has until they have one of their own. Hang in there! Thinking of you and wishing I could visit.

Amy said...

Ah, gotcha. Sorry-I must have read it too quickly.