Sunday, April 11, 2010

you've got a friend in me

We are in a rock and roll stage all of a sudden, partly due to the glorious weather I'm sure. It's been in the 70s and the kids have been playing outside together. All the time. Barefoot. (Who wouldn't be in a great mood?) Finally I'm reaping the benefits of having them so close together. Have I said that before? I have a feeling I'll keep saying it, because when I'm around other children and other siblings the difference is striking. My kids' dynamic is completely different from most siblings I've witnessed, not just recently, but from my friends as a kid too.

Oh they love each other. And though they're in very different stages (Frances in the sometimes-I'm-a-complete-pain-in-the-ass-and-testing-all-my-limits stage, and Clark in the I-am-two-watch-me-say-NO stage) they enjoy the same dvds, the same kinds of pretend play, the same flipping backward over the couch. I don't have to entertain with two different activities! It's fabulous. Right now they're playing so well together than I sometimes can get the entire sink of dishes done without interruption. 

I have this daydream about their relationship--Randy Newman playing as a soundtrack to their cuteness together--that they will stay close, will be there for each other always. If you've got troubles, I've got 'em too. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. We stick together and can see it through, cause you've got a friend in me.... And as the years go by, our friendship will never die. You're gonna see it's our destiny. You've got a friend in me.


andrea said...

I think the photo of them with crowns on is my favorite. precious.

I wonder, sometimes, if it is not also the parenting that allows children to grow to love each other so much. My boys also seem to love to be together. (well, not all the time) They find ways to incorporate their ideas into the others to have meaningful, magical play. Sometimes it takes them some shouting and loud negotiating but they too find each other the best company... unless Mom or Dad is involved too, then it is the best.

They will love each other deeply. You taught them that. They sure are unbelievably cute. That helps everything.
Happy barefooted days.

Paige said...

Andrea, if that's true ("the parenting that allows children to grow to love each other so much", then I have a long way to go with my two. Ozzy will occasionally (maybe once or twice a week), spontaneously hug and kiss Marley, or talk sweetly to her, or play with her. But mostly he picks on her and is too aggressive with her or just doesn't pay attention to her. He does not seem to be on her radar screen either, for the most part. I try to always catch him being sweet to her and make a casual comment. I try to play games that the three of us can play together - there aren't many that a 15 month old and a 3 year old (and a mom) can both handle. I really hope they grow to be close and I'm doing a lot of reading these days about siblings/rivalry/lack thereof. So - basically - I'm so jealous!!