Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My computer has been in the shop for eight days now, though they told me it would be 5-7, which is why I've been so absent. I'm on Mitch's laptop now, writing these words, but I can only sneak his computer away in stolen clandestine moments. During the week he takes it to work with him so I've been without email and facebook and general knowledge of the outside world for some time. It turns out a missing computer is very good for getting projects and dishes done. It's rather astounding to me how many meals I've made for the freezer.

And the snow! I do love living up here for the snow. My mood is noticeably different lately, which is perhaps due to the hormonal output of my IUD but could also simply be the snow. It's coming down this minute, another couple of inches today on top of what we already have. And since it never gets above freezing, the snow just stays and stays and stays. Everyone contracts folks to plow their driveway for the season, and those trucks build big piles at the end of the driveway by the road. The piles grow and grow, and they're lovely for climbing, or digging tunnels through, or sledding. Now we don't have to go far for sledding; it's at the edge of our very own yard.

Things are good. I'm using this computerless time to enjoy that things are indeed good. Frances is sweet and helpful and charming; Clark (he'll be three in March, canyoubelieve?) is screaming less, and instead speaking in bizarrely structurally correct sentences with oddly precise diction (he likes to enunciate); I'm reading. Everyday I lie on the couch for at least 20 minutes (sometimes an hour...) and I read or doze or listen with my eyes closed to Frances's solo-play chatter, which is pretty much the most charming thing of a nearly-four-and-a-half-year-old. And this age has plenty of charm. (Except during the uncharming moments, but that's not this post.)

Btw, I don't feel guilty about my quiet time on the couch. I see it only as lovely. I wish I could give it to every mom (I bet my friend in Utah who just had her fifth would take some of that). It's the kind of thing I used to beat myself up about when Frances was a baby. (We are crazy people as first time moms. Were you? Why is it so hard to see the forest for the trees?) Good grief, we all need little breaks. How many of you do it regularly?

Anyway, today the nice fella at the Apple store told me they're keeping the computer another week. I'll choose to focus on the upside of that situation and fill my freezer completely, though being without email is a serious hindrance to my social and organizational life. Alas, dear readers, I'll be back. Eventually.

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