Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Again! (and) Toddler Fashion.

Hellllooooo virtual world! My computer is back from the dead, all clean and shiny. It's been back for several days, in fact, but I've been having trouble rustling up a post. This minute, however, I need to vent about the insistence of an almost three year old.

He'll be three in a month, and his twos in general have been dominated by his focus on clothes. I've written about this before (see this post). He doesn't change his clothes so often during the day any more, but he is completely obsessed with short sleeved t-shirts and shorts.

Let's review. We live in Rochester, NY. It's February. The high on good days is 26 degrees. This minute it's 11. I assume there is grass beneath the snow but I haven't seen it in months. Everything in the world is frozen and still except the frigid and uncompromising wind. And Clark wants to wear summer clothes. For a while we just told him this wasn't a choice, that it was winter and he had to have his arms and legs covered. Then somehow the battle became too much to fight and we slid on the t-shirts. Now he's allowed to wear short sleeves as long as he has his wool undershirt on too. (Which means, by the way, that all the long-sleeved shirts he owns are going to go completely unworn. Whatever.) What is driving me nuts currently is that very few of the short sleeved t-shirts now meet his requirements.

Moments ago he threw a complete fit because the sleeves of the shirts in his drawer were not the right length. Meaning, they are still short sleeved, but apparently they have to have a specific length of sleeve, and I have no idea what that is exactly. I know he's two-almost-three, but the compete unreasonableness of it all makes me nuts. And when I throw up my hands and walk away from him he comes completely unglued.

And it's not about sensory issues, by the way. The desire for short sleeves is not because he has issues with having things around his wrist or anything like that. It's a fashion statement.

I'm having trouble taking his plight seriously.

Poor guy.

Enough about that. I have, of course, a zillion other issues I want to raise here on the blog, things I've been thinking about since my computer's been gone. Hopefully I now will be posting with regularity again. I do have some questions about whether this blog has run its course, especially now that the kids aren't babies anymore. It's something I'll explore a bit here with you. The mom blogs are an interesting phenomena, and its curious to think about the purpose they serve. But for now, hello again! Can't wait to get moving.

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andrea said...

I seriously doubt your blog has run it's course. Seriously, you will never stop having mama days. They will change and your role in them will change but the journey of how we deal with them and what we are facing is real and is worth sharing.

I love relating, or laughing, or whoaing with you as your share the weeks challenges and celebrations.

When we are 85 sitting in rockers on the front porch sipping whiskey, or tea, we will still have mama days and things to share about these creatures we call our children.

glad you are back.