Thursday, February 9, 2012

one of each

Here's what I overhear verbatim while washing dishes after making chili this afternoon.

(Girl Child - age 5yrs 5mo
Boy Child - age 3yrs 11mo.)

They make me think of two different productions sharing the same actors lot. Frances and Clark use each other as placeholders, warm bodies, almost like the other isn't speaking at all. Can you tell who is who?

Do you want to buy some cake? I also have lovely muffins. What would you like?

Pretend she's flying over the town and then she turns into a monster.

Do you want a wedding cake or a beautiful birthday cake?

I used to be a princess but now I'm a mermaid who swims underwater fast. I do go to a lot of weddings.

So a wedding cake, then?

Yeah, a wedding cake.

You can sit right here at this table and eat your cake. Would you like a piece of birthday cake too?

And then the city got swept up. Sheblam!

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inez said...

Hilarious!! I certainly know who is who. Neither is deterred; they both charge ahead in their own world. It is so cute.