Tuesday, April 8, 2008

mush brain

The thing that keeps slipping off my radar while taking care of both kids is changing Frances' diaper. I check it to see if she's pooped, but if she hasn't it doesn't occur to me to change it, though it feels like I change the boy's diaper every half hour. You'd think this wouldn't be something complicated to follow through with. But I have to say, my brain in general is mush right now; I forget my thoughts mid-sentence, leave the house in slippers, search the house for the glasses on my head. Today I got about 2 hours of nap midday but I didn't feel any more rested this evening when Frances spit her potato soup into her hand and smeared it on the armchair. I suppose the real problem with that was that I was feeding her in the living room armchair in the first place. Some battles I just can't fight right now.

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