Thursday, April 3, 2008

not so bad

Yesterday was my first day home by myself with both babes and I felt like a superhero. We went for a walk and then drove to the PetSmart for more catfood. I got both of them to sleep at the same time and I was able to nap for an hour and 1/2. Then our friend Vivian came over to play in the afternoon. It was a good day. Today was just as good. Lately Frances has been so difficult, but she was much better these last 2 days; I think she was missing my attention. She doesn't seem to have issues with the fact that I hold the baby a lot. In fact, she sort of takes it for granted. When someone else holds the baby she doesn't like it and insists that I take him back.

The hardest thing is definitely the sleep deprivation. Last night I think I got about 3 hours total; the baby was having a rough time of it. *Hopefully* Frances will keep up the stellar nap schedule she's got going right now and I'll be able to rest a bit in the afternoons. That, and I need to start going to bed earlier if the tiny one will let me.

To everyone whose emails and voicemails I need to return: I have no idea which ones those are and don't think I'm going to catch up on them anytime soon. Going to just have to start from scratch. Wish I could be more on top of that, but I can hardly find time to toast bread right now. I'll get a routine eventually and catch back up with everyone. Love!

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