Tuesday, April 8, 2008

this place

I'm rather tired of hearing gunshots in the neighborhood at night. Every time it happens I feel this exhaustion and defeat come over me. I'm hesitant to write this here because I don't want to give Durham more of a bad name than it already has; it deserves some of its reputation, but not all. Folks in Raleigh and Chapel Hill are scared to even drive through town, which is ridiculous. But there it is: gunshots. Although I don't feel any threat to my personal safety here, one does have to stay alert in general, and that's so tiring. It will be nice to live somewhere clean and safe. Sometimes it strikes me as comic that I live where gunshots are commonplace. Some people live all their lives hearing gunshots nearby but not by choice, and I'm not generally familiar with those places.

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Brian S said...

That is worrisome. It is something I wondered about, knowing you were in Durham; but since I never made it by to visit, I never had a clear picture of where you really were. If that makes any sense?

I hope your new place will have a feeling of sanctuary.