Monday, December 1, 2008

teacher Susie is my friend

In the mornings we watch a show on PBS called Sid the Science Kid (by "we" I mean "Frances"). The majority of the show takes place at Sid's school with Teacher Susie, who is Frances' favorite character. Other times during the day Frances will say, "Where Susie?" which I've taken to mean "I'd like to watch Sid the Science Kid," but I'm starting to suspect means something else. A couple of days ago when I got Frances up from her nap she said, "Susie tickled me." "Did she tickle you in your bed?" I asked, and Frances said yes she did. Hm. Later I told Mitch about this exchange and he said she'd been talking about Susie for days. Mitch wasn't aware of the tv character and had asked Frances, "Is Susie someone from school?" and Frances said yes, which technically was true. Now Susie is morphing into a present member of our household, which fascinates me. Just a bit ago she said, "I want Susie to come," and I had no answer for that. When we asked her tonight if she wanted Mom or Dad to put her to bed she said "Susie!" Mitch said, "Susie can come too. Let's pretend she's here and she can help put you to bed." "Where Susie?" Frances asked. "Here with us, in your imagination," Mitch said. "No," Frances said and looked quizical. "Susie on TV." Yes she is.

But then, when I went to say goodnight, she also told me "Grammy coming on Wednesday, (which she is) and Susie too." Yesterday carried Susie downstairs in her closed hand, and tonight she named one of the bystanders in a book Susie.

What I can't figure out is why Susie is so interesting. She's an adult, rather than one of the main character kids in the show. She's a teacher, a woman (when she comes on the tv screen Frances says, "Susie have boobies."), a very encouraging and enthusiastic advocate for these kids. Maybe she just likes her hairdo.


Paige said...

That is SO funny!! Ozzy also loves this show, and I can't figure out why either. He does love the part where Susie sings. It seems a bit too old for him, but as it comes on between Curious George and Super Why!, it often gets at least partially watched.

This is such an interesting development. Keep us posted. I vividly remember my imaginary friend Sally, but I'm sure I was older, 4 maybe?

Cali said...

I never had an imaginary friend--so interesting you did! Susie isn't in the room with us yet, but she apparently comes and goes when we're not here, or at least she's anticipating that she's coming. She's constantly saying, "I want Susie come play," or "Susie coming," or "No no, Daddy. No tickle. Only Susie tickle."

this is an interesting age. I'm trying to pay attention to it, enjoy it and not just focus on the dishes.

Paige said...

Which is difficult, I know. Ozzy is talking SO much now, I want to write down everything he says, or get it on video, but I can only seem to capture fragments that don't do him justice.