Sunday, January 18, 2009


It turns out a walk in the snowy cold is an incredibly economical use of my sitter time. I got exercise, was alone to think my thoughts, saw the outside world, gave Milo a semi-workout, felt much better. It's odd to live here where the snow is always on the ground. I like it. It reminds me of the seasons I worked at the ski resort, but then I didn't live the minutae of regular life, didn't have to go to the grocery or drug store, didn't have to drive in it much.

Oh it felt so good! The sound of the snow, the texture of the cold. The high here yesterday was 8 degrees and I assume it wasn't even that when I was out. The cold is so intense it's a physical experience all its own. Being out in it felt a bit like freedom. I've got to remember. I've got to do it more often. I need reprieve like this, and returning stuff at the mall doesn't do it, you know? No, I need to interact with the planet itself, not the linoleum that lines the halls of commercialism.

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Paige said...

The snow reminds me of frosting. A walk by myself sounds so nice! Even better would be a run.
I'd like to say again what a beautiful writer you are.
Hope everyone's sickness is going away. We just had in-laws here for the long weekend. It was nice to see them, but glad to back to ourselves.
Happy Inaugaration Day!