Thursday, January 29, 2009

simple joy

Clark is seriously the cutest thing ever on the planet. I don't remember thinking this about Frances when she was this age and lately I've been wondering why that is... Perhaps I just don't remember correctly. But then I realized that when F was this age I was pregnant and very sick and exhausted and in fact didn't want to have much to do with her. I didn't have the energy to be animated and every time I changed a diaper I threw up. The smell of her formula made me sick, as did the smell of most things. It was not a good time. Also, Clark is a snuggler. He nestles down on my chest with his thumb in his mouth, just to take a play break or to recover from a spill, or just because he's a mama's boy. That mama's boy thing isn't without merit, for sure. Frances wasn't attached to me like this, and she also wasn't nursing still. Clark and I have this little private time, several times every day. So sweet.

"Ghap!" he says with his hand up in the air, reaching for the far corner of the room in salute. "Bhak!" and then a sweet squinty grin like Frances used to flash. Charmed.

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hannah said...

he's getting so big! what an adorable, adorable little guy!