Sunday, June 27, 2010

no tv update

Last night there was a meltdown born of exhaustion that with 100% certainty would have been avoided by a little Winnie the Pooh DVD time. But it didn't last long, and it's not such a bad thing for Clark to learn how to deal with these stresses without resorting to passive entertainment.

And I want to say that though I am trying this no tv thing, I judge no one for using it with their own kids. I know how very very helpful it can be in quieting the masses so that the rioting does not begin, or even just so you can hear yourself think. Sometimes you just have to get things done, things like bills or dishes or laundry or simply sitting on your ass for a moment to collect yourself, and the tv does indeed help. You do what you've got to do. Just for me, now, we've gotten to a place where I wanted to try it out, wanted to see what our lives would feel like without the pockets of reprieve the tv offers. It does indeed feel different.

Clark has been asking for it a lot now. I think he uses it as a way to regroup, to settle himself when he's tired and sort of strung out. I'm reading more books to them, that's for sure. I like that time on the sofa, one of them on each side of me. It soothes me too.

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andrea said...

love your dedication and your drive to try new things to make your children's lives more rich.
I always wanted to do that... get rid of tv but never have. I limit it and use it as a privilege earning tool but I often find I use it for them more then they need it. So I can have quiet.
I use it at dinner time so I can cook and have a moment of peace. Ah motherhood. We have much strength and find all of our weakness.

Cheers to you. Your children will find more joy now... even if it does end up temporary. ;o)

I think I would benefit more from loosing tv then them. I use it all to often to zone out and avoid the creativity brewing within!