Friday, June 4, 2010


Okay, so when I have a headache I'm a more complaisant mom, but when I'm on prednisone, the steroid they eventually give me to break the headache chain, my irritation and the quickness with which I holler cycles out of proportion. My body's got to find a middle way. 

Plus, I was certain we were moving forward regarding Frances' agreeableness and her tantrums, but now we're definitely going in a non-forward direction. Sigh. I suppose sometimes you have to go back a few steps before continuing on. Today she woke after only 30 minutes of nap, actually woke already in full tantrum. Perhaps she's tantrumming in her dreams?

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andrea said...

I struggle with grumpiness... a lot.

I have intense PMS and it gathers in pool of impatience and releases itself on the least expecting candidate.

I find myself almost surprised every month at the challenges of the day.

One of my boys struggles with anger and anger management to the point where a friend, in the field, is offering her guidance and counseling for him.
He has tantrums, stamping his feet when he does not get his way and using his hands on his mommy.
(not cool)
Life is a journey of learning. Sometimes I just want to take a bath ;o).
I love your honesty and insight.