Thursday, March 8, 2012

cake on the way

Clark will be four in a couple of days. He is adorable and very difficult these days, and he makes me crazy. But it's a much lighter version of crazy than I used to have parenting them. It's colored with more humor. I'm definitely better cut out for young children rather than babies. I did not wear sleep deprivation well. BUT ALSO, my headaches.... It is no little deal that I have found a sort of solution for my headaches. I never thought I'd visit this mountain, frankly, but for a solid month after I have a botox treatment I not only have no headaches but also can eat ANYTHING. It's heaven. Chocolate chocolate chocolate. And peanut butter is WAAAAY better than I remembered.

So Saturday is the party, which means I'm elbow deep in cake making. I do love the creative release of a crazy cake every 6 months (how handy of them to have spread out their birthdays!) but the focus I give it means I sort of forget I have an actual party to plan. And then the party is upon me and all I want to do is shape chocolate into rocks or turrets or skyscrapers (as it happens to be this year) but I'm overcome with anxiety because I can't seem to remember to buy the plates.

One day. One day I will just make a regular cake with regular frosting. But for now - for the magic time of four year olds - there are buildings and sky and superman, and how much fun is that??

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