Thursday, March 15, 2012


Frances has taken to calling Clark "Buddy Boy".

Yesterday she gave him 3 dollars of her own money (of which she only had about 5) to buy some Angry Bird erasers. I suggested he give her a great big thank you hug, and they threw their arms around each other and Frances kissed him on the head.

They no longer come to see us when they first wake up. Now Clark goes into his sister's room and they start right in with Baby Sam, a game where Clark is the baby and Frances is the mommy.

Today I asked Frances what I would need to know if I were going to play Baby Sam, and she said they always go on the carousel, and it's his birthday every day, and they have either cake or cupcakes.

Here's the prayer she said last night before bed:

Dear Sun, thank you for the light in the morning. 
Dear Moon, thank you for the light in the night. 
Dear God, thank you for this life and all the happiness. 

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