Wednesday, November 5, 2008

american democracy

While this post has nothing at all to do with mothering, I have to put it here. It's my blog, after all...

I am overjoyed (overjoyed!) about the election. Last night I couldn't stay up to watch the results because I thought I might die if I didn't get to bed, so I missed the acceptance speech (as well as the concession speech). This morning first thing I watched them both (in the correct order) online, and I just wept. McCain's speech was the classiest thing I've ever heard, and Obama is so amazing and inspirational--he makes me believe we can be better people, truly. I feel a kind of warm relief that spills over from politics into my personal experience of the world; I actually feel safer on the earth than I did yesterday.

Fall has let up for a moment and summer is bleeding back in, and the warmth is lovely.

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