Thursday, April 2, 2009


We're potty trained! Well, mostly. In any case, we are 100% out of diapers during the day. Still use them at night, and we're still having occasional accidents, but we're done with diapers. I say this loosely, of course, since I have a 12 month old who is not even close to done with diapers. Still! Frances is so pleased with herself, and anxious and frustrated with herself when she has an accident. She's clearly struggling with this new direction, this new independence. She often talks in baby talk and wants to be rocked, and she also frequently announces that she's a big girl and a big sister. Today while the babysitter entertained Clark inside, Frances and I jogged together down the block ("Run, Mommy! Run!") and she said, "When I get to be big like you Mommy, I can take care of Clarky and I can chew bubblegum."

"What would you do to take care of Clark?" I asked.

"Fix his bottle, and carry him, and put him to bed, and fix his bottle, and help him, and wipe his face, and take him outside, and bring him inside, and fix his bottle, and take care of him."

Then she said, "And when I'm big like you I will kiss your booboos."

Mighty sweet.

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