Tuesday, April 21, 2009

working writer

Recently someone commented on a previous post and included a link she thought I might find interesting.

Which I did.

For those of you who are not going to take the time to check the link, it is an article about how most famous writers are male, and those who are female are generally not mothers... Yes, alas, it's not terribly surprising. I have a friend with a 20 month old who just finished a NOVEL in 4 MONTHS and my astonishment is total. (Yay Shara! You kickass!) Now, I haven't read it and it may be complete crap, but who the hell cares? She wrote it. How did she DO that? I have no idea. I'm glad I no longer feel guilty that I'm not writing. My writer friends ask if I'm working on anything and I tell them I'm a mom and the most I can do is write on my blog. I do get a good bit of satisfaction from this little bit of creativity and expression. I'd get even more creative satisfaction, however, if I could figure out what colors to paint my family room and kitchen.

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Paige said...

White. Your kids are going to marker/smear feces/smear food/scuff it anyway, so why waste time and money on a nice paint job?

And there will be plenty of time for writing in about 2 years, don't worry. You have the rest of your life to write. And you will! BTW, there were a couple of essays about this issue in that Literary Mama book.