Monday, March 2, 2009


I keep starting posts and then abandoning them, so this will probably be short. For one thing, my laptop died and the desktop is painfully slow and besides, it turns out it's much harder to getting around to writing when you don't have a choice about where to sit. Then we went to Michigan for Mitch's dad's 70th b-day which was nice but also tiring because 2 kids 2 and under in a car for 7 hours really tries my good will. I wish that weren't the case.

I'm in such a damn good spot. I know I said this a couple of posts ago but there certainly was no reason to think it would remain. It has! I'm giving full and total credit to the sleep. It's possible it's all the sleep, every frustration about parenting that I was having. Suddenly I'm having FUN, can you believe??? Frances and I are getting along, Clark is adorable, and I feel great. Also, they are both at good enjoyable stages. Frances is helpful and cheerful (for the most part) and accommodating, and Clark is walking and happy and understanding a lot of what I say. He's made a huge cognitive leap in the last couple of weeks and now I can say, "it's time to get in your chair for your lunch," and he walks to his chair and lifts his leg like he's going to climb up. I can say, "can you sit down?" and he bends his legs to a crouch, then sits. There's still not a lot of agreement about "I have to change your diaper," as he screams and flips over and tries frantically to crawl away. In time.

Man is he cute walking. He's becoming a little person rather than a baby. Makes me sad. I suppose this is the reason siblings are usually about 2 years apart... I'm just now getting that yearning for having my baby back. I don't know that that will change our minds, however. Will see.


Lori said...

saw this and thought you might like it. . .

Cali said...

Thanks for this link! (which, for anyone reading who is not going to take the time to check the link, is about how famous writers are generally male, and those who are female are generally not mothers...) Yes, alas, it's not terribly surprising. I have a friend with a 20 month old who just finished a NOVEL in 4 MONTHS and my astonishment is total. Now, I haven't read it and it may be total crap, but who the hell cares? She wrote it. How did she DO that? I have no idea. I'm glad I no longer feel guilty that I'm not writing. My writer friends ask if I'm working on anything and I tell them I'm a mom and the most I can do is write on my blog. I do get a good bit of satisfaction from this little bit of creativity and expression.
Thanks again for the link!