Friday, March 20, 2009

over yet?

Oh My God. I feel like all I'm doing these days is complaining, but oh my god. I need a support group.

I'm on my 4th day of antibiotics and today is the first day I've been able to be out of bed for more than an hour, so that's good. But Mitch went to the doctor today with what turns out to be bronchitis, Clark is on antibiotics for a sinus infection, and I still can't hear anything. Several times now I've picked up the phone when it wasn't ringing and I keep having to ask poor Mitch, who already barely has the energy to moan, to speak louder. (I also hear a faint symphony...) Last night Clark was up from 3-6am, just up, feeling crummy. I finally brought him downstairs and let him play and cry and play until the sky started getting light. Mitch let me sleep until 8, thank heavens.

Mitch's folks were supposed to be here tomorrow and were going to stay with the kids next week as we went to Lake Placid for a little ski vacation, the first time we've been away from Clark. And of course the hotel has a completely inflexible no return policy printed very plainly on our confirmation. When I called today though, the person at the front desk was very gracious and helpful and said they usually don't but would under the circumstances credit us for another stay with them. Whew. Before that I was just hoping Mitch would be well enough by then to drive and we would hang out at the spa rather than on the hill, but instead we're going to wait. His folks will come on Monday and maybe everyone will be well enough for us to go somewhere closer for an overnight.

All I can figure is that I got so sick because I was already depleted from the stomach flu and then was up with Clark all night every night while he was so sick, so this cough that turned into nothing in Frances just raged in me. I guess in Mitch too, because it seemed to start out as the same thing and has now landed in his lungs. Clark--well, we know why he's got it bad. He's barely had any calories in him with which to fight.

In any case, I'm tired. I don't really remember what life was like before Clark started throwing up 2 weeks ago, but I have a vague sense that I was enjoying it. Ah, one day I'll look back on this and it will be just a story to tell. As for the support group comment, feel free to leave comments here on the blog! I do miss my Durham support group.... as well as all you far away friends out there.


Paige said...

Cali, I'm definitely thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. I've wanted to call but thought since you were so sick you wouldn't feel like talking on the phone. But know that I'm out here, sending you healthy and strong vibes.

Coen Family said...

Cali, I'm so sorry all of you are so sick. I'll also send some good thoughts your way and some healthy vibes. I think about you everyday and miss you tons.

Love you lots,