Friday, March 27, 2009

a night away

We spent a night at a hotel and spa, Mitch and I. Just us, no kids. Oh my goodness was it fabulous. WAY better than I could have imagined, way overdue, so wonderful and relaxing and why haven't we done this before? It was on one of the fingerlakes, a quaint little town with park benches and coffee shops and boutiques and stately old buildings. And the spa! It's hard to justify the price of a massage somehow, but we did sit in the hot tub outside, which is really a winding pool built of rock with a waterfall, and we did soak our feet in the foot pool while sitting in our luxurious soft robes in the low lighting, zen music tinkling in the background. We sat in the euciliptis steam room and we lounged in our cottage in front of the fire. And we ate dinner. What a dinner! That was our big splurge, rather than the spa treatments (I really wanted a body scrub, I have to say). Five courses with "gifts from the chef" between courses, which turned out to be courses themselves, so nine courses in all, and then we had to go walk in the wind by the lake in order to digest a little.


Coen Family said...

I am jealous! Your getaway sounded wonderful...and you deserved it more than anyone I know!

Paige said...

I am definitely SO jealous!! I'm so glad to hear you are all feeling better, and it sounds like this little mini-get away really helped your mind.